Recycling means using materials that would otherwise become waste in new and innovative ways. Recycling significantly reduces demand on forests, uses less total energy, produces fewer contaminants, saves natural resources, reduces landfill waste, and is better for the environment. Glass, aluminum, plastics, and paper are all recyclable. Being so paper-centric, it’s a goal of American Reprographics Company to increase paper recycling.

Use Recycled Paper!
Compare Virgin Paper to Recycled paper Use for 1 Ton of Paper

  100% Virgin Paper 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper Savings Per Ton
Wood Use 3 tons 0 tons 3 tons, saves 24 trees
Total Energy 38 Million BTUs 22 Million BTUs 17 Million BTUs
Greenhouse Gasses 5,690 pounds of CO2 3,582 pounds
of CO2
2,108 pounds of CO2
Wastewater 19,075 gallons 10,325 gallons 8,750 gallons
Solid Waste 2,278 pounds 1,155 pounds 1,124
From Environmental Paper Newsletter, June 2007

In the future, we will be adding tips and tricks here on being green when working with your printer, reprographer and document management software in general.